Applicator Roller

Applicator Roller

Abrasion resistance, Solvent resistance, Smooth and even surface

Excellent anti-swelling property offers

  1. Outstanding dimensional stability
  2. Minimal dimensional change
  3. Stable Hardness and Physical properties

MULTI COAT is multi purpose coating rollers with excellent anti-swelling property. It is applicable to coating materials mixed with combined solvents that the conventional rubber rollers could not be applicable to.

MULTI COAT ensures stable and efficient coating operation for a long term. Under any coating conditions or weather conditions, the roller surface is stable without troubles such as cracks.

Grades and applications of MC Series

  1. Solvent cleaning rollers
  2. Printing rollers for solvent based inks
  3. Resist coater rollers for Printed Circuit Boards

MULTI COAT is not applicable for the following applications

  1. For mixed liquids which contain much chemicals (strong acid , strong alkali etc.), urethane adhesives or urethane coating materials.
  2. Coating MEK, Ethyl acetate or Trichloroethylene in single application.
  3. Under extremely high pressure against the rubber.