Rubber Coatings

Rubber Coatings

Rubber Coatings

Innovative Roller Solution, Inc. can provide all your custom rubber coated roller needs. Whether replacing, repairing, reconditioning, recovering, resurfacing, regrinding, recoating, or fabricating new rubber rollers, Innovative Roller Rubber specializes in delivering cost-effective solutions. We work with your AutoCAD and traditional drawings, but are capable of advanced reverse engineering your existing worn rubber rollers. Rollers may be up to 20’ in length, 48″ in diameter, and weighing up to 3 tons per roll. We welcome small orders including prototype production, and maintain short lead times. Innovative  has a large inventory of roll covering compounds available to quickly respond to your emergencies. 

We can formulate the covering to your specific service condition and provide you with the most suitable material with the most effective durometer (rubber hardness) ranging from 5 to 100 Shore A. We hold tolerances as close as ±0.001″. Innovative Roller Solution can provide a wide range of grooves, finishes, crowns and tapers. We’ll maintain your exact specifications over your entire order and consistently from order-to-order.

Services Include

Innovative  has worked with a variety of core types including steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, brass, and metal alloys, along with a number of non-metallic substrates, such as micarta and linen.

Same day service is available for regrinding rubber rollers. Breakdowns take priority. Pick-up and delivery service is available.

Innovative Roller Solution manufactures high quality rubber covered rollers to meet the needs of your specific application. From high quality applicator rolls to common feed rolls, our technical experts will help guide you to the optimal solution. Our Quality Management System ensures rollers are produced to the customer’s specifications each and every time.

Rubber is applied to rollers by means of extruding uncured rubber into a strip that wraps around a metal core that is clean prepared and primed. Autoclaves then vulcanize the rubber to the core cohesively. The rubber is then ground and polished to exacting standards, such as:

  1. TIR – total indicated runout typically held to within 0.001″
  2. Taper – straightness within 0.003″
  3. Surface Finish – to meet the required Ra spec, typically 20-200 Ra
  4. Durometer – +/- 5 points.
  5. Finish Diameter – can hold as tight as +/- 0.001″

Common Materials

  1. Buna – Nitrile
  2. Silicone
  3. Hypalon
  4. Neoprene
  5. Urethane
  6. EPDM
  7. Viton
  8. Carboxylated Nitrile
  9. Hydrogenated Nitrile
  10. Nitrile – PVC
  11. UV blends
  12. FDA

Common Uses

  1. Lamination Rolls
  2. Drive Rolls
  3. Coating & Applicator Rolls
  4. Nip & Feed Rolls
  5. Draw Rolls
  6. Slitting Rolls
  7. Hot Oil & Chill Rolls
  8. Squeegee Rolls
  9. Bridle Rolls
  10. Conveyor & Belt Rolls
  11. Idler Rolls
  12. Combining & Transfer Rolls
  13. Hot Glue Rolls