Testing & R & D

Testing & R & D

Testing & R & D

Innovative Roller Solution is the fastest growing rubber testing instrument supplier in the global rubber industry. The world is demanding smarter technologies, better accuracy and repeatability for their rubber testing laboratories. We recognize the advancements required for the future of rubber testing and bring those technologies into our moving die rheometers, rubber process analyzer, Mooney viscometers, physical testing instruments and the entire product line.

Rubber Process Analyzer

An advanced dynamic rubber rheometer for attaining key data on rubber and polymer molecular properties.

Moving Die Rheometers

Instruments for measuring the optimal cure time of rubber and characterization of all compounds before, during, and after vulcanization.

Mooney Viscometers

Test instruments for measuring viscosity, scorch, and stress relaxation.

Lab Presses

Hydraulic press series for the curing and moulding of rubber samples for dispersion, hardness, and density testing.

Hardness & Density

Precision instruments for the analysis of hardness and density properties of rubber and elastomer materials.


Dispersion analyzers for vulcanized or uncured rubber and elastomer compounds.

Sample Preparation

Rubber test sample preparation equipment and bale cutters.

Bale Cutters

Laboratory rubber and polymer bale cutters.

Ageing & Compression

Instruments for measuring the compression forces and aging properties of elastomeric compounds.

Online Testing Cells

An advanced and fully automated rubber testing solution for high capacity manufacturers of rubber compounds.

Rebound Resilience

Automated tester for accurate determination of resilience properties of rubber compounds.

Fatigue & DeMattia

Advanced tester for flex cracking, crack growth, tension and bending fatigue in rubber compounds.


Testing instruments for analysis of abrasive properties of polymers, unvulcanized and natural rubber.


Plasticity testing for polymers, unvulcanized rubber, and natural rubber.